It’s Wednesday of week 3 and I am sitting in my office listening to our students belt out songs from the 1920 & 1930 eras in their Acting through Song class with Natalie Gamsu and Will Conyers. This is just one of the many classes the students have taken in their jam-packed 10 days with us.

I feel very lucky to come to work each morning and be greeted by our friendly, hardworking and passionate student cohort of 2019. Each student is unique in their own way – we have trained dancers, classically trained singers, actors, fresh out of high school graduates, students who have done previous training and everyone in between.

Over the past three weeks our students have been lucky enough to take part in some amazing classes, taught by (and we might be biased) the best practitioners in Australia. Just some of theses classes include Singers Performance Class with Martin Croft & Dominic Woodhead, Vocal Technique with Amanda Colliver & John Peek, Musical Theatre Routine (including Chicago & the Rocky Horror Picture Show) with Hayley Martin & Ross Hannaford, Jazz and Ballet Technique with Dana Jolly & Kathryn Trapani, Acting & Scene Study with Cameron Menzies & Sharon Davis and so much more.

The students have also been lucky enough to have Principal & Vocal Coach Leontine Hass from the UK with them for the first three weeks of their training. She spent lots of time with them to establish the foundation of their training and to guide their journey as artists and performers.

I asked some of the students to describe their first three weeks in a few words or short phrases. Things like ‘challenging’, ‘hardwork’ and ‘intense’ were thrown around but more predominately were words like ‘positive’, ‘inspiring’ and ‘a sense of community’. On the first day of term I said to the students “take a look around, this is your family for the next year. You will learn together, you will grow together but more importantly you will be taking this journey together and thats something very special.”

Associated Studios Australia endeavours to provide our students with the best Musical Theatre training in Australia whilst also letting each individual become a part of a community which is safe, nurturing and supportive. Whilst its only week 3, the sense of community in this building is inspiring and I know myself, the tutors and all the students feel that and this is ultimately what makes ASA so unique.

I look forward to taking you, our wider community, on this journey with us and giving an insight to the performers of the future of what training at Associated Studios Australia looks and feels like.

Until next time…

Briar Franks
General Manager
Associated Studios Australia