Starting my Musical Theatre journey at Associated Studios Australia this year has been an amazing experience. I have especially enjoyed being around like minded peers who are extremely supportive, friendly and talented.
ASA has provided me with the skills in which I need to be able to pursue a career in the industry. We work closely with our tutors who are current industry professionals – this has been extremely beneficial because as well as teaching us, they are able to provide us with an insight into the industry and are all extremely supportive.
Being able to see the results during the year, of all three components of musical theatre, has been so rewarding.

– Kathleen Harding, Musical Theatre Foundation Course

After completing a Bachelor of Music, I found myself stuck in my Music Theatre journey. There were aspects of my training and technique that still needed a lot of work, so I decided to try the new Intensive Music Theatre Course at ASA.
I am completely grateful for all this course has given me over the past 7 months. In this time, I have seen all the issues that have previously held me back gradually melt away and I am now the confident, skilful performer that I desired to be. I have enjoyed getting to work with industry professionals and like-minded individuals in a supportive, fun and healthy environment. My time at ASA has been inspiring, challenging and rewarding and I look forward to continuing to improve over my final term.
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in starting their Music Theatre journey or would like to continue their training and improve their skills.
– Prashanti Middling, British Diploma in Musical Theatre

Associated Studios Australia is an absolutely phenomenal course that should well and truly be the go to for anyone serious about the Musical Theatre industry!
Doing the full-time foundation course, I have been taken through an incredible deep dive into acting, singing, dancing, performance craft, accent, composition and creation, show-life balance, time and resource management, and the inner workings of how a full scale stage musical works, all in the first 6 months. I have been given the opportunity to work with and be tutored by some of the greatest minds in the Australian and even Broadway Music Theatre world. What really sets ASA apart from the crowd however is its emphasis on “industry readiness,” driving students to the point where following their tuition they will be equipped with the tools to either find or create work in their industry through general knowledge about the ins and outs of the work side, and by having established connections with influential people and groups.
ASA also opts to intentionally have a very small class. As a result, not only does each student get a lot of individual attention and feedback from the world class tutors, but it creates a real sense of connection.
I really cannot recommend this course enough either as a bridging course or as full time training for anyone even considering going into Musical Theatre. My time here has been incredible on both a professional and personal level and I know that it will continue to deliver that exceptional standard to all who choose to do the course in the future.

– Zac Mistri, Musical Theatre Foundation Course


One of the things that I absolutely love about studying at Associated Studios, is for an international and highly reputable institution, the interpersonal relationships between the students and the entire faculty is a standout out for me. I will never forgot my first day at Associated Studios. I walked into the studio, very nervous like any other student on a first day of anything, and without me saying a word, Leontine (the Principal) had greeted me by my name without having ever met me before. I knew from that moment that extra personal care would be put into growing my skills and I have not been disappointed yet.
Growing up and working as a dancer, I found I was never truly taken seriously as an Actress or Singer and this made trying to enhance my acting and voice skills at other institutions quite difficult. As a dancer, Associated Studios took me in with open arms and I truly feel very taken seriously in all things I wish to do with my career. I could not recommend Associated Studios enough for any graduate fresh out of high school/ Uni or a professional already working in the industry wishing to continue to progress their skills. It is such a safe space to grow and I could not be more grateful for everything Associated Studios has and is still continuing to do for me.

– Annalise Knight, British Diploma in Musical Theatre


It’s been positively overwhelming how many industry professionals each student has been able to learn from and develop relationships with over the course of this year. The nature of ASA and having a small co-hort, means that we have all been given multiple opportunities every single week for individual workshops with tutors.
The management side of the course has also been a stand out with timetables for each term given well in-advance and an openness to any feedback about what students might need more of has been taken onboard immediately. In a demanding, emotional and challenging course with a high workload it’s also been so comforting to have an understanding, committed course manager to talk to at any point.
I am so excited and grateful to be studying with Associated Studios UK early next year to further my studies in Music Theatre and believe that this direct connection to London is one of the strongest points of difference for students lucky enough to study here over other courses or institutions.
– Madeline Plum, British Diploma in Musical Theatre

I can honestly say that ASA is the best place that anyone could train at. You discover so many things about yourself, and you dive into so many details about the industry. The abundance of knowledge that the tutors have is undescribable. I’ve grown so much in all aspects of theatre and I couldn’t be more thankful.
As an eighteen year old Māori boy, moving from New Zealand to Melbourne was a huge challenge for me. I was worried about how I was going to fit in, but more importantly, I was concerned about finances. However, being accepted as the bursary student is something I could never be more grateful for. I was relieved of so much stress that I could focus on studying and nothing else. The amount of gratitude I have for the team at ASA can’t be put into words.
To all the young, aspiring musical theatre performers out there. No matter what race you are, no matter what your background is, or where you come from. ASA will strive to make you feel at home. You’ll be part of a family that you wish lasted forever. Whatever bothers you or makes you uncomfortable, our amazing manager will always be on call to talk everything out. There’s no better place!

– George Hiku, Musical Theatre Foundation Course – Bursary Student