8 week Musical Theatre Course



Associated Studios Australia takes great pride in offering flexible, high level training opportunities for performers who have the potential and ability to work professionally in the Performing Arts. This allows talented performers who have little or no financial support, to pursue training at an eminent Drama school whilst working to support themselves.

 In an age of increasing economic and social challenges, ASA believe this approach allows talented individuals to thrive and move forward in their artistic development, whilst simultaneously enabling you to support yourself in a realistic fashion. 

A key ethos of our training is allowing you to develop in accordance with your individual needs. You will be working with eminent theatre practitioners including Directors, Musical Directors, Vocal Coaches, Choreographers, Casting Directors, Agents, Composers, and Performers.



  • Applicants must be over 18 to apply.
  • Performers recently graduated from Drama School or University.
  • Performers who have not yet trained but have attained a good level of competency in Singing and Acting. (Please note that Dance classes are streamed into Beginners/ Advanced)
  • Performers wishing to re-focus their career.
  • Seasoned performers looking for a safe space to work on their skills.
  • Dancers and Actors with a reliable singing ability and some performance experience, wishing to expand their casting in the performing arts industry.



The purpose of the course is to focus on the skills and techniques required to connect all aspects of your craft as a performer. You will be working on preparing a balanced and suitable audition repertoire folder as well as all the skills required of a Musical Theatre performer.


Acting lies at the heart of every good Musical Theatre Performance. You will look at a variety of acting approaches and techniques with a number of expert Practitioners and Directors. There will be a focus on integrating skills to prepare you for the professional industry.

Acting Classes include improvisation, text, monologue and scene study.


Singing and Music

The study of singing and music is fundamental to developing into a professional Musical Theatre Artist. On this course you will focus on developing your working knowledge of vocal technique with some of the top vocal coaches in Australia and internationally. You will continue to explore the development of your individual vocal identity and casting, as well as how to source, practice and prepare repertoire for a balanced and suitable audition repertoire folder.

Classes include Vocal Technique, Repertoire, Vocal Performance, Audition Technique, Performance Confidence and Mock Auditions.

Dance and Movement

Building your ability in dance and movement is a fundamental requirement to working professionally in the Musical Theatre industry. We stream our dance classes to allow you to work at a level suitable for your current experience and skill level and use the training to bring out the best in you. You will look to build your strength, flexibility and stamina through the rigorous nature of the classes. You will also work on the skills required to pick up audition routines quickly and with precision, giving you more flair and connection within the audition room. You will work with a range of Dance Practitioners, Choreographers, Stage Combat Directors and Movement experts on a wide range of classes. Dance classes will focus on Technique and Musical Theatre routines.


Our industry classes form a core component of our Musical Theatre courses. These classes are about providing you greater access to the decision makers within the industry and giving you the opportunity to gain greater insight from a range of professionals currently working in the Musical Theatre industry. You will also engage with performance entrepreneurship to hone the ‘hidden skills’ of the performer such as CV writing, marketing, headshots, networking and personal health and well-being. You will work with a range of people from the industry including, Musical Directors, Directors and current successful Artists. 

*Please note all course content is subject to change.


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There is a $50 audition fee to cover the cost of the panel and accompanist. The fee must be paid in advance of your audition to complete your application.


Please note that this fee is non-refundable.




  • Full Time – $5,520 / Part Time – $2,900 for 8 week course
  • Following acceptance of an offer to join the course, the deposit for the course is 25% ($1380/$725) of the full fee
  • Course fees may be paid in weekly or monthly instalments.


Please note that courses at Associated Studios Australia can be taken on a modular basis. Students are awarded 20 credits per Discipline per module. Students need minimum credits to be considered for participation in our end of year industry showcase.




‘I studied with the Associated Studios London in their 4 month part-time professional program in 2014. The wealth of knowledge gained, personal growth achieved and lifelong relationships developed throughout the time was remarkable. I recommend the studio and it’s teaching to anyone out there starting out in the field or looking to finesse their craft. As an Aussie who flew to London for this training, I am thrilled at the news of its opening in Melbourne and can’t wait for the future generation of Australian Musical Theatre artists to have the opportunity to thrive like I did.’ – Rachael Ward (Evita, Singin’ in the Rain & The Wizard of Oz)


‘Associated Studios opened up many doors for me.  This course is unique and fresh. Constantly working with industry professionals keeps you ready and seen. Associated Studios provides an environment of inspiration, nurture and challenge. I can’t recommend this course enough’ – Erin Cornell (Cats & Wicked)




Start Date: Monday 4th March 2019


  • Monday & Tuesday: 8.30am – 5pm (Part timers & Full timers)
  • Wednesday & Thursday: 8:30am – 4pm (Full timers)

Part-time: $2,900 including GST
Full-time: $5,520 including GST

Finance: Interest free instalment plans available

Entry: Via audition