Frequently Asked Questions


What format does your audition process take?

Our auditions are on an individual basis and take about 20 minutes, concluding with a short interview.

Musical Theatre performers need to prepare two contrasting musical theatre songs and a short monologue. In instances where the audition has been scheduled at short notice we will accept two songs only, or two songs and a reading of a monologue. Opera singers need to prepare two contrasting arias. Actors need to prepare two short contrasting pieces (a modern and a classical).

Accompanists are provided, although for Musical Theatre singers backing tracks may be acceptable. Please check when booking your audition.

Overseas students can audition via a video link. We also require two professional references and will conduct a Skype interview.

Is there an audition fee?

We charge £30.00 which is payable in advance. This is to cover the cost of our venue and the services of a Musical Director and the panel and therefore is not applicable to overseas students.

I am a working professional actor, why do I have to audition?

It is important that we can see you work for a variety of reasons: we need to be confident that applicants are right for the workshop/course that they have applied for and indeed that the workshop/course is right for them. We would rather say no than offer someone a place on a course that was not going to benefit them. For masterclasses, we are often asked to provide participants with specific qualities so it is therefore vital that we know your work and scope.

Can I audition for more than one course at the same time?

Yes, when you apply, tell us which courses you are interested in. We will advise you as to which course we think is best for you after your audition.

Do I get feedback after the audition?

Yes you do, usually as part of the audition itself. We want this to be a learning experience for you and we are honest because we don’t want to mislead you in anyway. If we feel you would benefit from different training offered elsewhere we will tell you; if we feel you need to work on a specific skill we will tell you; basically we want to help you as much as we can so our feedback will reflect this and should be considered as constructive.



I have trained professionally for three years so what is the benefit of doing professional development courses?

The majority of our participants have trained and/or worked professionally. However, this is an ever-changing profession and it is vitally important to continue to work on and develop your skills. This doesn’t just apply to singers but to actors too. Our workshops and courses are designed so that the performer can explore, discover, refresh and refocus their career. Participants will build and expand their audition material and will grow in confidence and ability. Additionally you will work with practicing practitioners and will make some great contacts. You will NEVER stop learning, even if you work to the ripe old age of 99!


I passionately believe that professional actors – indeed all performing artists – should never stop their training! In the UK graduation from Drama school signals the end of training. It takes a very short time for professional actors to develop bad habits and these, unknowingly, become embedded. We can become lazy.

An actor expresses through mind, body and voice. Each must always be finely tuned which is impossible without continued check-ups and hard, ongoing work.

The Associated Studios provides the professional performing artist the opportunity for such training work to continue. It is not only necessary but invaluable. – David Suchet


I just can’t afford to take part in short courses and masterclasses – they seem expensive to me.

No-one said it would be cheap to be an actor/performer – you have a whole host of expenses: photographs, scripts, memberships, The Stage, Spotlight, Equity, etc. You are a business and as such have to think like one. Prepare an annual budget and within that budget include an amount for your professional development. This could be individual singing lessons or a short course but whatever you choose, it is essential to your continued growth and to ensure you stay on top form. Our courses are extremely reasonable. Like any organisation offering this sort of programme we have overheads which must be covered such as fees and rental. In general our courses work out at under £100 a day. Also remember that Professional Development courses are tax-deductible!

Is there any funding available for your courses?

At the moment funding options are very limited, but we are hoping that this will change. Our full-time course is new and has to be running for at least a year before we can be considered. We do very occasionally offer part-bursaries but this is not for every course and depends upon any financial support we receive as a charity.

If I take part in one of your classes or courses can you ensure that I will get an agent and/or work?

No one can guarantee you work or an agent – NO-ONE! And we would never dream of promising this because it would be wrong. However, our full-time course and our 4-month part-time Musical Theatre course have a showcase to which agents and casting directors are invited. You will work with people who can advise you – and indeed recommend you for work. All of our courses do prepare you for the reality of the business and also open your mind to the possibilities of creating work for yourself. Our masterclasses and workshops are often led by practitioners who are looking for new exciting talent and, in the past, participants have been offered work as a direct result of taking part in one of our workshops. The Associated Studios has facilitated work opportunities on countless occasions.

I am interested in one of your short courses but I am unable to attend every class. Can I have a discount?

The short answer to this is sorry, but no! We hope that participants can attend every class because it is certainly in their best interest but we appreciate, especially with professional development, that things crop up – work and auditions and sometimes you cannot say no. We still have the same overheads, however, so we cannot reimburse you for missed sessions. For the full-time courses students are expected to attend every day and every class unless they are ill.

How do I know if a course is right for me – or indeed if I am right for a particular course?

We give as much information as possible about all of our courses, but also use your audition interview to find out as much as you want to know – after all you are interviewing us in the same way that we are interviewing you. We will be very honest with you and tell you if the course is not suitable for your needs. We do not want you, or indeed the course, to suffer because it is the wrong direction for you.

Is there an age limit for courses?

Our participants are usually aged 18+. You are offered a place on your talent and potential. For Professional Development courses we expect participants to have trained or worked professionally. There is no upper age limit. As we mentioned previously, you never stop learning. Some applicants are refocusing their careers, others are changing career direction and some are returning to work after a gap period, and all of these life experiences really add to the dynamic of the groups.

What do I require to buy or read before embarking on a course?

Prior to the course starting participants are sent a detailed Resources Pack filled with useful information and requirements for the course.



What payment plans are offered?

This varies depending on the course you do. The Associated Studios is a Professional and Career Development Loans registered Learning Provider, registration number 21311. A Professional and Career Development Loan is a commercial bank loan that you can use to help pay for work-related learning and we are thrilled that some of our courses are covered by this loan. Please check each individual course for further information.

Part-time courses: You are required to pay a 25% deposit (50% for overseas students). The balance is due before the course starts unless a payment plan has been agreed with Associated Studios. This will normally be monthly repayments (due on 7th of each month) and full payment must be complete at least one month before the end of the course.

Full-time courses: You are required to pay a 25% deposit (50% for overseas students). The balance is due before the course starts unless a payment plan has been agreed with Associated Studios. This will normally be monthly (due on 7th of each month) or termly. Repayments and full payment must be completed before the final term begins.

Any variation of the above will be outlined on the webpage for each specific course.

How do I pay for an audition or course?

  • By credit or debit card – call the office (a transaction fee applies) on 0207 385 2038.
  • By bank transfer – we will supply bank details.
  • By cheque made out to ‘Associated Studios’.

I am an Overseas student. Do I pay more for the course?

No, but you do have to pay a larger deposit (50%). You are responsible for any bank charges incurred when making payments.



Do you have open days?

No we don’t but if any courses are running we may give you the opportunity to sit in and observe a class.

Who are your tutors?

Our tutors are all practising industry practitioners working in their specific field. We have a huge list of professional contacts who love to come in and work with our students. Look under “Meet the Team” to see some of the amazing people we have welcomed to our classes.

You offer one-to-one advice sessions. Why are yours better than others?

Leontine and Yvonne between them have over 60 years of experience in the business and a great deal of knowledge. They are also terrifically understanding of a performer’s needs. They always make it clear that it is their own opinion they are expressing and that you can take that away and think about it before arriving at your final decision. Please do keep in mind that this business is filled with people wanting to offer advice and it differs from person to person. This does not mean one is right and one is wrong, just that it is viewed from a different perspective. It really does help to talk things through but in the end the path that you choose to take is your decision.

Please contact us if you have any questions about The Associated Studios.


“Nothing could have prepared me for the sheer volume of talented performers, directors, conductors and tutors I worked with throughout my time on the opera course with Associated Studios.”

Emma Walsh – Soprano

“Having completed the part time Musical Theatre course at Associated Studios and also had individual coaching with Leontine my confidence has improved massively and I would not hesitate to recommend them both.”

Alice Stokoe – currently playing Extraordinary Girl in American Idiot in London’s West End