Class of 2021

Imogen Brown

Playing age: 15 – 25
Hair: Blonde
Height: 165cm
Voice Type: Alto
Vocal Range: F3 to A6, belt to E5
Special Skills: Versatile performer, proficient mover with strong contemporary vocals.

Sarah Odell

Playing age: 18 – 25
Hair: Brown/Red
Height: 171cm
Voice Type: Mezzo Soprano
Vocal Range: E3 to C6, belt to E5
Special Skills: A strong actor, with good improvisation skills and character work.

Xi Gui Griffin

Playing age: 16-26
Hair: Natural brown, green
Height: 154cm
Voice type: Mezzo Soprano
Voice range: G3 to G5, belt to Db5
Special Skills: A strong dancer and actor who is adaptable and loves to learn.

Hannah Underwood

Playing age: 16 – 21
Hair: Light Brown
Height: 165cm
Voice type: Mezzo Soprano
Vocal range: E3 to A6, belt to E5
Special Skills: Strong contemporary vocalist. Proficient dancer and tapper.

Jessica Mond

Playing age: 16-25
Hair: Brown
Height: 163cm
Voice Type: Mezzo Soprano/Soprano
Vocal Range: F3 to C6, belt to F5, whistle to G6
Special Skills: Contemporary vocalist, proficient in the styles of RnB, Pop and Soul. Strong piano skills, very proficient sight reading and harmony ability.

Kristina Lang

Playing Age: 18-30
Hair: Brunette
Height: 163cm
Voice Type: Soprano
Vocal Range: F3 to E6, belt to Eb5
Special Skills: Strong sight singing, music theory and aural skills. Good piano skills and a professional chorister performing across a range of styles; contemporary through to liturgical.

Rhiannon Taylor

Playing age: 16-22
Hair: Brown
Height: 184cm
Voice Type: Mezzo
Voice Range: F3 to G5, belt to C
Special Skills: Over 17 years dance training specialising in ballet, tap and jazz. Studied screen acting and appeared in many short films throughout 2021. Rhiannon holds dual citizenship in both Australia and Britain.

Sussanna Kable

Playing Age: 17 – 27
Hair: Brown
Height: 164cm
Voice Type: Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal Range: E3 to A5, belt to D5
Special Skills: Composer and multi-instrumentalist. Music was my gateway into theatre and is my favourite way of expressing myself.

Thomas Myszka

Playing Age: 18 – 28
Hair: Brown
Height: 186cm
Vocal Type: Bari-Tenor
Vocal Range: Ab2 to B4, falsetto to C6
Special Skills: Experience as a backing vocalist, working on detailed harmonies and musicality. He also specialises in character work.

Dean Di Cristo

Playing Age: 18 – 28
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 178cm
Vocal Range: G2 to A4, Belt/Falsetto to A5
Voice Type: Baritone/Tenor
Special Skills: Established skills in physical comedy with a strong sense of comedic timing. Enjoys creating A Capella harmonies/videos as well as creating and voicing characters.

Sasa Nikolic

Playing Age: 16 – 25
Hair: Brown
Height: 174cm
Voice type: Baritone
Vocal range: F2 to G5, Belt – G#4
Special Skills: A strong vocalist, actor and mover. Sasa also is proficient in rollerskating and ice skating and enjoys writing.

Isabella Romero

Playing Age: 18-30
Hair: Brown (short)
Height: 175cm
Voice Type: Mezzo Soprano
Vocal Range: D3 to C6, belt to C5
Special Skills: Strong enthusiastic non-binary character driven actor. I’m a theatrical jack of all trades with skills from juggling to cheerleading stunt work.

Bradley Bersano Beard

Playing Age: 18-26
Hair: Black
Height: 175 cm
Voice Type: Tenor
Vocal Range: G2-G5, belt to B4
Special Skills: Engaging and versatile professional. With equal expertise in all fields of the arts, he has also worked internationally.

Bek Chapman

Playing Age: 25- 35
Height: 162 cm
Hair: Dark Blonde
Voice Type: Mezzo Soprano
Legit Range: D3-C6, belt to C5
Special Skills: I have strong comedic timing, improvisation skills and am a strong mover. Have experience in TVC and Opera.

Cathlyn-Rose McKellar

Playing Age: 19 – 28
Hair: Brown
Height: 163cm
Voice Type: Mezzo Soprano
Vocal Range: E3 – E6, belt to E5, strong mix to Ab5
Special Skills: Trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Highland Dancing.